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Cincinnati’s Feng Shui Park

Cincinnati’s New Smale Riverfront Park

cincinnati riverfront park

As construction forges ahead on Cincinnati’s Smale riverfront park, the question remains – have the planners got the feng shui right?

Sassaki Associates—which has created some of the most recognizable icons of modern landscape architecture—was selected as the design firm for Smale Riverfront Park in 2001. Sasaki’s landscape architecture practice is integrated with civil engineering and urban design to create new designs on diverse and challenging sites, including urban waterfronts—like Smale Riverfront Park. Sasaki Associates’ work was inspired by the input of citizen stake-holders at a series of public meetings and focus groups that began in 1998.  The design plans are consistent with the Park Master Plan—created by Hargreaves Associates and approved in 1999 by the City, County, Planning Commission, Park Board and the Urban Design Review Board.

“This park is about connecting the city/community to the river—literally. That is what we heard when we researched the city’s colorful history and talked to the people here. That need to reconnect to the river is because of the history of the city’s relationship to their river. The high bank nature of the river enabled commerce to flourish along Cincinnati’s Main Street where goods came into Cincinnati on the commons. People want to physically reconnect to that heritage. When you go back to the places that are part of a shared history, families come, people come. It changes the perception of a city. This project can change the perception of the city.” Mark O. Dawson, ASLA / Principal / Landscape Architect


A quick Fly-over of Smale Riverfront Park